Winner of the Georgia Straight`s `Golden Plate` for `Best French Restaurant` 2017, readers choice

"Classic Dishes at Bistro Pastis."

-Richard Wolak, Vancouver Foodster 

“Elegant French bistro with a lightness of being. A jewel.”

-Mia Stainsby, The Vancouver Sun



“Understated manner, consistently excellent dishes make Pastis stand out …Pastis can do no wrong.”

-Tim Pawsey, The Vancouver Courier 



“Fine little room … is now established with an ever-growing wine list and a graceful, bistro-style menu … service sparkles under owner John Blakeley.”

-Jamie Maw, Vancouver Magazine


“High-end French bistro fare in remarkable relaxed, elegant

surroundings, with surprisingly reasonable prices given the

calibre of the cuisine.”

-Robin Mines, The WestEnder


“Be warned. It’s very easy to become a regular.”

-Andre LaRiviere, The Georgia Straight


“Some of the happiest memories of my life were spent in rural France …Pastis both draws on and transcends this vision of French country life.”

-James Barber, The Vancouver Sun