The Most Popular Aperitif in France


Pastis is the most popular aperitif in France with over 80 different brands and 20 million glasses served daily.


Bistro Pastis is one of the only French restaurants in Vancouver to offer over 20 different brands of Pastis and Absinthe including


- The regulars such as Ricard or Pastis 51

- The cocktail style with almond syrup or mint
- The herbal Pastis made from the maceration of different herbs
- The Pastis made with anise only
- The famous Absinthe


Treat yourself to this French indulgence during your next dining experience at Bistro Pastis. Your server can assist you in making the perfect recommendation. 


History of Pastis


Pastis is a famous drink that started with Absinthe in 1770 born between Jura and Switzerland. The first distillery started in 1805 at Pontarlier by Henri Louis Pernod. La Fée Verte (The Green Fairy ) became very popular with the students of the Quartier Latin and the artistic community.


Writers such as Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine and painters like Gauguin, Monet, Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec drew their inspiration from it.

The popular Thuyone or Wormwood, the essence of Absinthe, was prohibited in 1915.


Paul Ricard invented "le Pastis de Marseille" in 1932 made of Star Anise, Liquorice and Caramel. It was banned again between 1938 and 1951.